About Our Company

McEnany Roofing, Inc. (formerly
Pritts- McEnany, Inc.) was formed in

1985. Since the company was
founded, we have enjoyed a very fast
but stable growth. Our success can
be attributed to good, honest
workmanship and superior products
and service. Our company enjoys a
solid credit reputation and our
bonding capability exceeds ten
million aggregate dollars.

On August 31, 1995 an agreement to
purchase 100% stock and all shares of Pritts-McEnany, Inc. was executed by its founder
and president, Mike McEnany. This was made possible by our continued success and
growth, and a long standing relationship between the owners.

McEnany Roofing, Inc. still retains
its key personnel and employees that
made our company one of the best in
the Industry. We currently employee
over 125 people full-time and
supplement some of our general
contracting projects with
subcontractors that we also use on a
full-time basis.

To supplement our major roof
projects we offer very thorough and
cost effective roof maintenance and
repair programs. Due to our
proficiency with these maintenance
items, we have been selected by
major roof manufacturers to conduct
roof repairs on systems installed even by other contractors. Our repair department offers
fully equipped trucks with a 24-hour response time. Our service techs are
uniformed, competent and friendly. We look forward to servicing your needs today.

Things You Need To Know About McEnany Roofing, Inc.