130 M.P.H. Winds Tear Through the Woodland Shopping Plaza


Woodland Shopping Plaza, owned by BDC DeLand, needed to repair parts of the shopping strip’s roof. As with all roofing jobs, this needed to be done quickly and without reference with the public’s use of the building. The Woodland Shopping Plaza was different than most shopping plazas – it didn’t contain retail stores, but rather County offices like the Volusia County Sheriff, Department of Children and Families, automobile tag and title offices and the Volusia County Health Department. BDC DeLand contracted McEnany Roofing to repair one problem area, the roof over the Volusia County Health Department was leaking. The Volusia County Health Department was approximately 30,000 square feet and served about 16,000 residents. The work needed to be done quickly and quietly as to not disturb the Health Department. McEnany Roofing could not have forecasted what Mother Nature had in store for the town of DeLand in the next six months.

Like many contractors and installers, McEnany Roofing reviewed different types of materials, the weather conditions (DeLand being in a vulnerable area to tornados and hurricanes) and of course, the budget. Having completed many roofs using materials from Wadsworth, Ohio’s SOPREMA Inc., McEnany chose SOPREMA’S SOPRAFIX System. Why SOPREMA? “We’ve done a ton of SOPREMA [roofs] over the years. It’s quick and easy to use,” states Dan Noderer of McEnany Roofing. “It’s a top-notch system; SOPREMA’S like the Cadillac of roofing because of its high quality. Plus it’s reasonably priced too.”

In less than two months, McEnany Roofing finished repairing the roof with SOPREMA’S system. On the morning of Friday, February 2, 2007, Florida once again experienced an all too familiar natural disaster – tornados. During the aftermath, the entire nation watched, listened and offered help to areas such as Lady Lake, Lake Mack, DeLand and Smyrna Beach. Three separate tornados hit Florida within an hour and a half. By the time the second tornado passed through Lake Mack to DeLand, it weakened from only 1 mph shy of an F4 (160-165 mph) to an F2 (130-135 mph) tornado.

The second tornado swept through DeLand, devastating the town and destroying the Woodland Shopping Plaza. After appraising the damage, BDC DeLand was amazed by
the site of the plaza and its surroundings: the roof above the Volusia County Health Department (the very roof McEnany repaired just six months previous) remained
intact where the building was still standing. The roof that covered the other county offices was gone. The remaining portion of the County Health Department roof had some
damage from debris however the SOPRAFIX system and the flashing remained in the same place it was installed. Unfortunately, some of the walls did not withstand
the tornado, causing the entire section to be officially condemned.

The Volusia County Health Department moved elsewhere, allowing services to continue to the public. Meanwhile, the area began to clean up the surrounding damage. Because the roof built with SOPREMA materials withstood the tornado, McEnany Roofing was again asked to use SOPREMA’S products for the newly built structure and re-roof the other buildings within the plaza. Construction of the new building and re-roof began in the summer of 2007.

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